Bupa apologises for double charging some health insurance customers

Bupa has apologised to customers and arranged refunds after a direct debit fault resulted in some people being double charged for their health insurance premiums. 

Approximately 50 000 of Bupa's 4 million health insurance customers were accidentally overcharged last Tuesday 4 June due to a direct debit fault.

All affected customers will be contacted directly and fully reimbursed today.

Director of Customer Experience, Sally Damiani, says Bupa is extremely sorry for the error. 

"Due to a system error, on 4 June some members' credit cards were accidentally charged twice for their health insurance premium.

"We apologise for the mistake and for the inconvenience this has caused customers.

"This matter was taken very seriously. We are alerting affected customers but most importantly we have rectified the issue and all customers will have the amount refunded today."


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