The secret to long and happy relationships from Bupa Morphettville

Five couples living together at Bupa Morphettville aged care home share their secrets to a long and happy relationship this Valentine’s Day. 

When you think of love and romance, an aged care home might not be the first picture that springs to mind, but at Bupa Morphettville love is everywhere.

There are five married couples living at the care home and while they’ve been by each other’s sides for decades, they’re still each other’s number one fan.

On Valentine’s Day they’ll enjoy a day of romance, dates and fine dining at the home with staff going the extra mile to ensure the occasion feels extra special. There will be roses, chocolates, champagne and intimate tables for two.

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Mr and Mrs Manning wed in 1947 in Adelaide, this year marking their 70th wedding anniversary. They say the secret to a long and successful partnership is as simple as taking your marriage vows seriously.

Grace and John Kennelley aren’t far off the 70 year milestone, they married 67 years ago. Their words of advice, “Love one another, care about each other, and standby each other.”

Sergio and Hansi Scarpa married in Trieste, Italy in 1954 – 65 years ago.

Sergio worked as a policeman in Italy and then joined the Brittish Army as a translator. He followed the troops to Austria, where he met the love of his life Hansi, an opera singer.

We fell in love and made a promise to each other and we kept the promise. And that was it. We’ve been faithful to each other for 65 years.
Sergio Scarpa, married for 65 years.

“To keep a happy marriage is to keep your promises and stay faithful,” he says.

Both Neville and Vasso Muscat and Ada and Max Enright have been happily coupled-up for 37 years. The Muscats say a good relationship is about having the same likes as each other and being honest, while the Enrights believe it all comes down to respect.

Marley the pug x jack russell will also make a special appearance, in her red Valentine’s Day dress. Marley visits the home three times a week and has a special outfit for every occasion.

Bupa Aged Care Morphettville General Manager Robyn Caruso says carers and staff make a big effort to ensure residents can continue to enjoy the things they used to love doing before they came into care, like, in this case, date nights.

“It’s never too late for a little romance, so we thought Valentine’s Day was a great excuse to put on a fun event for the residents.

“We’ve organised a special dining room for the couples making it a quiet and intimate experience with tables for two and decorations to fit the occasion. There will also be chocolate roses for the men to give their partners.

“Some of our residents have spouses who still live independently and visit regularly, so we make sure we have something special for them too,” she says.

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