Bupa Te Whanau Care Home celebrates first Mother’s Day

Caregiver, Nicole Dolman-Rae, has lots of friends at Bupa Te Whanau Care Home regularly checking up on her and her five month old baby.

The residents have been following Nicole’s progress since she first announced her pregnancy last year. Nicole said she provided daily updates to everyone in the home as they would always ask how she was.

“I regularly heard ‘How’s baby?’ or ‘make sure you put your feet up and rest’, it was really sweet of them,” Nicole explains with a smile.

Nicole recalls one family who regularly rings to speak to their mum, only to have a nightly phone conversation about baby Natalie as the phone was being dropped off at the resident’s room.

Now that baby Natalie is five months old and has just had her five month shots (which Mum said she took very well and with little crying), first time mum Nicole brought in her bundle of joy for the residents to see.

After getting around to all 46 residents this week and with Natalie loving the attention, Nicole was wished a Happy Mother’s Day (her first) by the residents and staff. 

As a Bupa caregiver of 2.5 years, Nicole has one wish for her baby as she grows up.

“I want my daughter to not fear care homes, to see that they are beautiful homes with beautiful people living there who really do care,” she said.