A new approach for healthier people and a healthier planet


By Kimberley Nichols, Bupa Healthcare Communications Manager.

After joining Bupa’s global sustainable innovation program, eco-Disruptive, my team came across some great start-ups that are improving people's health and the health of the planet.

 From biodegradable pregnancy tests and face masks to sunglasses made from wood pulp fibres and sustainable period products – it was heartening to see so many innovators trying to solve waste problems at the source.

 But when we came across Navigator Group, we knew we’d been overlooking the ‘Service’ potential of our ‘Products and Services’ challenge area.

 A service can totally change the way things are done. Can truly disrupt. And right now, that’s exactly what healthcare needs. After all, the global healthcare sector emits twice as much carbon as the entire aviation industry. If it was a country, it would be the fifth largest polluter.

 Our realisation? This simply isn’t sustainable 😱

 We need to put health back into healthcare. And we think Navigator Group can help us make a major difference. They’ve invented a different – and sustainable – approach to healthcare.

 Their interdisciplinary team of doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists deliver precision medicine – powered by AI and supported by wearables – to people who’ve been injured in car accidents or at work.

 And they have changed the game of recovery:

  • 90% of appointments are virtual.
  • 35% faster return to work rate.
  • 39% lower medical costs.
  • 93 NPS.

 This data suggests we can revolutionise recovery and pioneer prevention for a range of health conditions, while also supporting the environment!

 Virtual delivery means virtually zero carbon care

 Our calculations show for every person receiving care with Navigator, 1 tonne of carbon emissions are avoided. It would take 5 trees 25 years to sequester that same amount of carbon for each patient!

 Working with Navigator these past two months has truly opened our eyes to what is possible.  Technology and AI has already changed the way we shop, learn, bank, connect and entertain ourselves. And while we might have the occasional telehealth consult, or collect a script using a QR code, digital healthcare is still in its infancy.

 We firmly believe it has a major role to play in disrupting the current healthcare system, and through eco-Disruptive and other initiatives we believe Bupa can be at the forefront of an exciting new era of digital health.

 Watch this space!