A spreadable change at care home breakfast time

Helping the environment has meant just a small change to breakfast trays of residents at Bupa Accadia Manor Care Home in Edgecumbe Road, Tauranga.

Their small ‘PCU’ packets of spreads used for toast have been replaced with large jars that are served in small sauce bowls, which are then washed and used again.

It’s Plastic Free July and though the change might seem small, the home provides a large variety of spreadable options including butter, marmalade, a variety of jams, honey, and marmite. Care Home Manager Cheryl Powell says the condiment packets may be tiny but amount to a lot of rubbish.

“With 29 residents going through almost three loaves of bread for toast each morning, the amount of packets end up being quite a lot over time.”

Cheryl has worked out that by using the reusable bowls, the home is saving more than 400 plastic packets from going into the rubbish.

The spreadable change has also meant residents haven’t had to struggle with opening the lids off the packets as they can sometimes be a little tricky. Care home resident Guilma Thomas (pictured) says she likes her toast sometimes with her cereal and hot drink in the mornings and doesn’t mind the change to her breakfast.

“It’s good to know we’re recycling each day and leaving things a little cleaner for the next generation,” Guilma says.