Bike 'n' Blend day brings people power to care home

The race was on at Bupa Berwick to create the best pedal-powered smoothies when the Wellbeing Champions organised a special healthy treat.

Food miles took on a new meaning at Bupa Berwick as teams raced each other on special exercise bikes, connected to blenders, to see who could create the best leg-powered smoothies.

Bupa Aged Care residents packed into the living room to form a cheer squad as carers, staff, residents and family members took to the bikes. 

Two competitors raced at a time, first filling their jugs with a selection of fruits and juices, then pedalling as fast as they could to power their blenders.

Wellbeing Champion Samara Lake helped drive the day, dubbed 'Bike 'n' Blend Day', hoping to boost employee morale and encourage fitness, health and happiness within the home.

"The residents loved it. Some were competing, others were clapping, cheering, laughing, smiling, just having a great time watching the staff having fun outside of their normal duties," Samara said.

While it was fun for residents, it was even more valuable for staff.

"Our main aim for the Bike 'n' Blend Day was to get the team together and do a bit of team building. We work really hard and sometimes we have some really tough days, so it’s nice to come to work with a little bit of happiness and joy. That was the idea behind the Bike 'n' Blend, a bit of team building, some happiness, some joy, some laughter," Samara said.

"It can get very competitive but it's also a lot of fun and everyone was able to enjoy some healthy smoothies at the end to drink and share around."

Bupa Wellbeing Champions are responsible for, and committed to, driving a positive culture of health and wellbeing amongst their colleagues.

Creating a happy working environment within Bupa Aged Care homes has a positive flow on effect.

"The mood in the room became more enthusiastic, louder, and there were a lot of cheers and encouragement," said Wellbeing Champion Pauline Cummins.

"The residents all got involved and staff from all departments joined in. We had the maintenance men there, staff from the kitchen, laundry, lifestyle, care staff, the admin girls came out and family members who were walking through stopped to see what was happening and joined in. It was great to see everyone laughing and encouraging each other to have a go."

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