Bupa launches Health Link: answering Australia's health and wellbeing searches


A new player is helping to answer Australia’s most ‘googled’ health queries, with Bupa launching Health Link. The website has been designed to provide people with the health information they’re looking for and connect them to tools, services and support.

Health is one of the most 'googled' topics online with more than 50 million health queries entered into search engines every month. At the same time, people are becoming less and less trusting of online information as so-called 'fake news' permeates the internet.

Bupa’s Health Link website has been designed to cut through that noise, helping customers and members of the public navigate through the complex health system and providing them with information they can trust.

It's is the evolution of the much loved Blue Room, an online content hub which has had more than five million visits since it was launched in 2016.

Bupa recognised it’s potential to have an even greater impact if the content was more easily discoverable through search engines and better connected to the rest of Bupa’s offerings and services.

It’s now home to more than 1000 evidence based and fact checked articles, videos, and infographics centred around health and wellbeing.

Bupa Australia’s Chief Marketing and Customer officer Jane Power says the customer was front and centre when redesigning the site.

“We invested in a major research project in 2017 to find out what questions our customers are asking when it comes to their health and wellbeing and how can we help answer those questions. How can we use content to help people live longer, healther, happier lives? The site has been designed around these customer insights,” she said.

“Health Link will help further our understanding of our customers so we can deliver relevant content as part of our relentless pursuit of personalisation at scale.”

Bupa’s Head of Content Alex McDonald says Health Link will offer a significantly improved on-site experience for customers and members of the public.

“The Blue Room has been a hugely successful platform for Bupa, but we recognised the potential to take it to the next level. We’ve spent the last 2 years optimising every existing article and creating a new website structure so it can be easily understood by Google.

“We’ve added new articles, videos and tools where needed and migrated Bupa’s A-Z of health information over from bupa.com.au.

“This is an opportunity for us to become a publishing house in our own right, so we can build up internal capability to help us reach our customers in a way that’s very powerful.

“Nobody knows our customers better than we do and we have a whole team of internal experts who can provide health information and help people work out where to turn to for help.”

You can check out Health Link here.

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