Bupa promise: every dollar saved will be passed on to customers

Bupa today welcomed the private health insurance reforms made by Minister for Health, The Honourable Greg Hunt, MP, and commended the government for taking action to improve affordability and accessibility for health insurance customers.

Bupa Managing Director of Health Insurance, Dr Dwayne Crombie said the reforms will contribute to a better health system for all Australians.

“Health insurance plays a vital role in taking pressure off the public health system, as well as providing customers with choice of doctor and fast access to elective surgery. These reforms will contribute to making private health insurance more appealing and affordable, which in turn will lead to a stronger and more equitable health system for all Australians,” Dr Crombie said.

“For far too long, Australians have unjustifiably paid the highest prices in the world for medical prostheses. We thank Minister Hunt for helping address this critical issue and guarantee our customers that we will pass on every cent saved through lower health insurance premiums.”

Dr Crombie stated the introduction of a discount to attract more members aged under 30 is another critical reform, that will help address the recent decline in membership of young people.

“A community rated health insurance system works best when you have broad participation across all age groups, not just older or less healthy people. Any measure that encourages young people to join is therefore very important.

“We also applaud the emphasis on providing appropriate cover for mental health needs, especially as we recognise World Mental Health month. The mental health safety net is an important first step, but the work the Minister has foreshadowed to reduce low-value day care admissions and other low value care is also critically important.

“87% of our customers think psychiatric care should be delivered at home or in the community, rather than in hospital. Despite this, more than 90% of our claims are for in-patient care.”

Bupa also welcomed the introduction of gold/silver/bronze classification of policies.

“This change will make it easier for customers to understand and make appropriate decisions regarding their health insurance. We strongly support this improved transparency for our customers,” Dr Crombie said.

“This is a comprehensive package of reforms, developed in close consultation with all stakeholders. It is an important first step, and we look forward to continuing to work with the Minister on measures to increase participation in private health insurance, make it simpler and more transparent, and improve value for our customers.”

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