Bupa showcases services in new brand campaign

Health and care company Bupa is showcasing the breadth of services it offers New Zealanders in a new 15-week campaign.

With 33 retirement villages, 50 care homes, seven rehabilitation centres and 25 dental clinics, Bupa provided health and care services to over 21,000 people in 2017 alone.

The campaign is aimed at making people more aware of Bupa’s role, as not only one of New Zealand’s largest aged care providers, but also as a provider of independent living, rehabilitation, and dental services.

With the key theme “we are a ‘health & care’ company”, Bupa is showing how we are focused on providing individualised care to every person we care for.

Over the course of July, New Zealanders will see the wide range of health services Bupa has, both on TV and online.

Bupa’s Director of Marketing for Villages and Aged Care, Andrew Smith, says the campaign is an opportunity to show New Zealanders how much Bupa offers.

“When Kiwis think of us, they just think of care homes and aged care,” Smith says.

“We put health and care at the heart of everything we do across our retirement villages and care homes, as well as our rehabilitation centres and dental clinics.”

“This campaign aims to position Bupa as a health and care company and emphasise what caring looks like in all its different forms.”

“We want to show Kiwis across the country what care means to us. It is more than just words. It’s about providing personalised care that is unique to each and every one of our residents, customers and clients.”

To view the campaign videos, click here.

To find out more about Bupa go to www.bupa.co.nz.