Bupa welcomes immediate funding for residential aged care


Bupa ANZ CEO Hisham El-Ansary today welcomed the Federal Government’s Budget announcement to invest an additional $17.7 billion in the aged care sector over the next five years.

“I commend the Government for facing into this important issue for all Australians. Last night’s announcement will help close the significant gap between the cost of providing care and current funding. This represents a meaningful first step towards improving the care available to older Australians,” Mr El-Ansary said.

“We strongly support initiatives that will help attract and retain a long-term, caring and compassionate workforce, as well as those designed to professionalise the sector.


“I’ve said for some time that an appropriately funded aged care sector would enable us to increase the time our nurses, carers and other team members spend with our residents.

“So, the announcement that providers will be funded to offer residents 200 minutes of direct care per resident per day is very significant.

Move to professionalise sector

“Investments that improve standards of care, quality and governance will go a long way towards professionalising what has traditionally been a cottage industry.

“This is about ensuring quality providers can not only survive, but also improve and grow as we address the demand that will come from baby boomers entering residential aged care.

Boost for residential care welcome

“We support the choice of people to stay in their own homes for as long as possible, but for many, this is not an option. The proposed investment in residential care is a positive step forward, but ongoing investment is critical to ensure long term sustainability of the sector.

Consider User-Pays Model

“Caring for older Australians is a responsibility the community shares. We welcome universal access to high quality care and additional government funding, but also recognise the importance of users contributing more to the cost of their own accommodation and living expenses, where they can afford to do so.” Mr El-Ansary added.

Mr El-Ansary said as the Budget had just been released, Bupa would take some time to consider its impact. To view Bupa’s advocacy paper visit here.