COVID-19 vaccinations are a go across Bupa care homes


Bupa Foxbridge Clinical Manager Michael Maranon and Bupa NZ Managing Director Caro Cooper rolled up their sleeves to get their COVID-19 vaccinations in Hamilton today, with Michael receiving his second dose and Caro receiving her first.

Caro says she had waited a few weeks to make sure lots of our frontline teams, who are directly caring for residents, had already been vaccinated before being called up for a spare vaccination alongside team member Michael.

“I’m really pleased, it’s time that we actually show everyone that it’s safe, effective and that it’s the right thing to do.”

The vaccination rollout is well underway throughout the country, with residents and Bupa teams lining up for their doses.

Michael said he’d had no side effects from the first dose and was ready to roll up his sleeve three weeks later for his next.

“I felt great after the first vaccination, this is about protecting not just myself but also my residents and the team working alongside me,” Michael says.

Caro praised the Waikato District Health Board on its excellent coordination of vaccine delivery at the Te Rapa Racecourse vaccination centre.

After the quick jab which they both hardly felt, they were given lollipops and kept in observation for 20 minutes before waving their Waikato District Health Board vaccination team goodbye.