Dear carers, you are not invisible

We know carers can often feel overlooked. That’s why Bupa will be taking care of them as well as people with disabilities when we open Bupa Therapy in Melbourne.

Carers often feel invisible. Undervalued. Forgotten.

Those were some of the recurring messages echoed by carers, health professionals and researchers at the 7th International Carers Conference, in Adelaide.

“Caring for someone living with disability can be all consuming,” says Angela Aldous, Bupa Therapy Manager.

“When we engaged with the caring community, we learnt carers take great pride in their work, and often feel a real sense of wanting to be of service to others. But we also discovered a real feeling of isolation, vulnerability, and feeling like they’re unheard. Caring for someone can be extremely stressful, especially if the person doesn’t have the right support.”

Angela was a guest speaker at the conference, where she introduced Bupa Therapy.

It’s a new centre opening in West Melbourne for adults living with disability or long term chronic health conditions. It will bring different services like physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology all together under one roof.

What makes it so special is that carers, and people living with disability, have played a crucial role in physically designing the centre.

“In the design process for Bupa Therapy we’ve engaged carers right from the beginning,” says Angela.

“What we’ve realised is that if we don’t care for the carer, they can’t care for the people they’re looking after.”

“The centre is just as much their space as it is ours, as the clinicians. It’s not a medical model, it’s not about rocking up to the doctors, it’s very much a place where carers should be able to relax, chill out grab a coffee, and take a break.

“Often, the time when their loved one or the person they care for is receiving therapy, is the only time they get some downtime.”

Bupa Therapy is open to everyone, not just Bupa health insurance members. And while NDIS funding is certainly accepted, those who aren’t under the NDIS are welcome too.

“We’re really excited that we’re opening very soon, mid November. People can register their interest online, our website is up and live, they can book a tour, book an appointment, or just pick up the phone. We’ll welcome you with open arms.”

Find out more about Bupa Therapy here.