Extras, Extras ... read all about it


As we roll into 2020, many Australians will be making new year’s resolutions to better look after their health. For some this will mean quitting smoking, others may resolve to eat healthier and others may just decide to finally start flossing.


Regardless of what you decide, it's important to ensure your private health insurance extras are set up to support you on your journey to better health.

What your extras can do for you

If you’re planning to hit the gym hard in 2020 or your back has been playing up in recent times, it could be a good idea to upgrade your extras to include extra physio or chiro. This allows you time to serve any upgrade waiting periods to then take advantage of fresh limits.

Don’t pay extra for extras

So that you can understand what you are spending most on and what extras allowances are available, the myBupa app allows you to see exactly how much you have claimed and what limits you have left in real-time.

It’s not just about the body

As we approach 2020, Bupa is also taking new extras leadership initiatives, such as a suite of clinically proven Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy courses with a guaranteed 100 per cent rebate upon course completion through your Extras cover. This is an Australian first that you can take advantage of now and in the coming year.

Where do I start?

We encourage Australians to speak with the Bupa team to discuss the most suitable levels of Extras cover for their needs and discover how they can minimise their out of pocket expenses through exclusive benefits such as Members First Platinum where you pay nothing for dental check-ups at Bupa recognised providers.