Fuelling great ideas for the future


By Sam McBain, Commercial Manager in Bupa's Procurement Team.

Over the past year, I have challenged myself to become more sustainably minded in my choices in the face of what I am quickly learning is a severe crisis facing our environment.

While I have been able to make small changes at home, such as riding my bike instead of driving, recycling more and purchasing more environmentally friendly products and brands, I was really eager to be part of something more significant that could potentially help leave a legacy.

That’s why I was thrilled when Bupa announced the launch of the eco-Disruptive program, which gives participants the opportunity to work with start-ups to develop solutions to significant environmental issues.

The area that I felt was most ripe for disruption was perhaps the most obvious, sustainable transport and clean air. Transportation is Australia's fastest-growing source of greenhouse gas emissions and accounts for approximately 20% of the country's total energy-related emissions per year.

The health and financial impact on our community also makes for sobering reading. My team’s research tells us that pollution leads to an estimated 2,000 deaths and 4,500 serious illnesses per year in Australia costing up to 3.8 billion AUD per year in total. That is one big problem to tackle.

With Australia’s sustainable transport infrastructure and appetite lagging behind regions such as Europe and North America, my team sensed enormous opportunity to help set the foundations that would enable Australia to catch up to its peers.

My team is partnering with H2X, which is an automotive and power unit company founded on the principle of absolute sustainability. The company specialises in the development of hydrogen-based fuel cells and has a roadmap of products including Power Generators, Trucks, Buses and Cars, which they are planning to release incrementally over the next 3 years.

Through my team's work, Bupa has the opportunity to be an early adopter and advocate of hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative power source and to help lead Australia and indeed the world towards greener modes of transport and energy.

This is a fantastic program to be a part of and is something that, if successful, can contribute to reducing greenhouse gases and creating a healthier planet for us all to live in. That is something we can all be proud of.

For more information on Bupa’s eco-Disruptive program visit here.

For more information on H2X visit here.