Great-grandfather receives message from the Queen on his 100th birthday

A great-grandfather who lived through the Great Depression has celebrated his 100th birthday. Former footballer Reginald Causby shares tips for a long life and explains why he thinks Adelaide is the greatest city in the world.

Turning 100 made Bupa Enfield resident Reginald Allen Causby feel like a VIP when he heard from the Queen, the Prime Minister, the Governor General and Lord Mayor.

“The Queen wished me the best and many happy returns,” he said proudly.

Reg’s family held a party for him at Bupa Enfield on 24th December where he had a wonderful time with more than 30 of his loved ones.

He said his favourite part of the day was having the whole family come together to celebrate his birthday.

“It went very well. I had a nice gathering here with my family, which even included my great grandchildren!” Reg said.

He was thrilled to also receive a card signed by all the staff at Bupa Enfield, and a lovely bouquet of flowers.

Turning 100 is quite the milestone but Reg says becoming a centenarian does have down sides.

“That’s the one thing that’s worse for getting old, you lose your friends. Most of my friends have now passed away and now I mainly depend on my family.”

Reg was born on 24 December 1917 in Broken Hill, NSW, where he spent his early childhood.

“We left Broken Hill when I was two years old and went to a place called Gawler which is about 50 kilometres from Adelaide.

“I’ve seen some changes over time, including during the Great Depression. In Gawler we had no electricity, no lights and there were no roads to Adelaide. I saw the start of the changes, I saw electricity. I saw the first road laid from Gawler to Adelaide.”
Reginald Causby, 100 year old Bupa Enfield resident

Adelaide is Reg’s favourite place to be in the whole world despite having visited almost every state in Australia.

“I’ve been around a fair bit. I’ve been to every state except for the Northern Territory, I’ve been to Singapore twice but Adelaide is my favourite place in the world.”

Reg loves to keep his mind and body active by reading, playing sport and walking.

“I love to read, I read a lot. I read the newspapers every day. I always know what goes on,” he says.

“I play sport including football, cricket and tennis and I enjoy watching them too.”

“Reg does lots of walking up and down the home all day. He’s very fit,” says Fiona Cranwell, Business Administrator for Bupa Enfield

“Reg looks absolutely phenomenal, he’s got the most beautiful skin and his sons all look exactly the same. All very tall and very healthy looking. He has very good genes,” adds Fiona.

Reg is also the oldest living former player of the North Adelaide “Roosters” Football Club.

“I follow the AFL and once played country football for 11 years for North Adelaide,” he says.

“There’s only one team in the AFL, and that’s the Crows.”

Reg’s one piece of advice to younger people about life is to continually educate yourself.

“Education is everything. If you can get a good education you can go far but without it I don’t think people can get on very well.”

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