How to stop foggy glasses when wearing a mask


Our experts from Bupa Optical & Hearing have some helpful tips for avoiding the dreaded foggy glasses when wearing a face mask.

Face masks are fast becoming part of our “new normal” (just ask any Victorian) with many people still getting comfortable having their nose and mouth covered. This is proving even more challenging for the millions of Australians who wear glasses.

Couple warm breath with cool winter air and you have the perfect recipe for the dreaded foggy glasses, with frustrated spectacle-wearers constantly having to clean the moisture away from their lenses.

Fear not, as there are ways to stop the fog and keep your glasses clean and clear. Our expert team of Optometrists at Bupa Optical & Hearing have some helpful and easy tips to help reduce foggy glasses.

Create a seal

Most masks have a metal or plastic strip at the top which is meant to be bent to the shape of the bridge of your nose – ensure this strip is fitting firmly and securely.

Put your glasses on after your mask and sit the bottom of the frame over the top of the mask – this will help to secure the mask against your face.

Improvise if your mask is too big

If your mask is too big you can try putting a tissue folded horizontally under the top of the mask, across the bridge of your nose and cheeks – this may help to firm up the fit of the mask and even absorb some of the warm air from your nose and mouth.

Something else you can try is surgical tape – place tape across the top of the mask to secure it to your face. You can find surgical tape at your local pharmacy.

Make sure your glasses fit

To help hold the seal at the top of your mask it is important your glasses fit well. If they are loose, the seal may break, and fog will return. Head to your local Bupa Optical & Hearing store and our team members can do a free frame adjustment for a better fit.

Dry soap rub

A useful trick is to use a bar of dry soap, rubbing it over the front and back of the lenses. Gently clean the lenses using a soft cloth. The soap leaves a thin film on the lenses, which is a barrier to the fog developing.

Anti-fog sticks and sprays

There are a range of anti-fog sprays and sticks available, which like the soap, create a thin film on your lenses to reduce fog build-up. These can be found at pharmacies and sports stores where bikes and motorcycles are sold.

Have you thought about contact lenses?

A great way to beat foggy glasses is to use contact lenses! Book an appointment or come in store to see if you can leave the fog behind with contact lenses.

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