Joan has a passion for words


It’s no surprise that Bupa Runaway Bay resident Joan Lewis became an amateur writer, with her love for the English language starting at a young age.

Words were the family business, with their work in the printing industry dating back to the 1800’s. Growing up, she heard stories about how her grandfather was asked to print the first bibles that were placed in hotel rooms across the UK – a story that perhaps might be more myth than fact.

Over the years, Joan has penned many of her own stories and sent articles into the newspapers while she was busy being a stay at home mum to her four children in the UK.

But it was after her husband passed away that she took the time to wrote her first book, a crime thriller Madroc Mayhem. Set in a peaceful Cornish Village, the book features all the trademarks of a great crime novel – shocking discoveries, mysterious characters, hidden agendas, and of course, crime.

Joan, now in her nineties, is still flexing her writing muscle, contributing to our home’s newsletter and sharing her poetry with other residents. She is also an avid reader and loves picking up a crime novel and trying to solve the puzzle before she gets to the end.

There’s no doubt that words and books will continue to play an important part in Joan’s life for a long time to come.