The Gardens Care Home help keep kids warm over winter

​A Rotorua care home is doing its bit for the local community this winter by collecting blankets to help keep kids warm.

Bupa The Gardens Care Home has been supporting the “Give a Kid a Blanket” initiative, and made a collection point in Rotorua, where people could donate blankets and other warm winter goods.

Their goal was simple – to collect as many blankets as possible for children in need throughout the month of June.

It all started when care home manager, Sacha Mountfort, saw the initiative on Facebook.

“I saw the Give a Kid a Blanket initiative advertised on Facebook and thought the cause was definitely something Bupa The Gardens and our residents could help with,” Ms Mountfort said.

Sacha says they had lost count of the amount of donations they have received.

“Any donation was a highlight. We were really surprised at the amount coming in and of such beautiful quality. Some people went and brought new blankets for the cause.”

“I find that people are always wanting to help – they just don’t know how – so this was an opportunity for people to help the children in our community.”

Not only have members of the Rotorua community been offering their support by donating, but care home residents and staff at Bupa The Gardens also got involved.

“Residents loved to see the collection grow and it was a good point of discussion for them. They loved it when our donation box was overflowing and felt like they were participating,” Sacha Mountfort said.

“Our first donation came from a day program resident who just couldn’t wait to give it to me. Another resident had crocheted a blanket especially for the cause, and our team has donated as well.”

Ms Mountfort says it has been great to be involved with the community.

“People have been saying how nice it is for us to be contributing to our community. They recognise the good work we do day in and day out with our residents but to also stay involved and to share in the community spirit has been a positive thing.”

Give a Kid a Blanket Rotorua have donated over 200 blankets to kids in need this winter.

To find out more about the Give a Kid Blanket initiative, and how you can donate, go to their Facebook or Givealittle page.

To find out more about Bupa The Gardens go to www.bupa.co.nz

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