Knitting brings smiles to Auckland children

A group of Bupa Erin Park Retirement Village residents in Manurewa have been using their knitting skills to help local Auckland children who visit their local doctors.

The three residents knit and stitch together and deliver more than 100 teddy bears each month to distribute to local Auckland medical centres, laboratories and doctors waiting rooms for children.

Erin Park Retirement Village Manager, Judy Lourens, says the soft toys (currently 110 bears each month) go to Auckland children who may be undergoing tests or seeing doctors for check-ups. The bears are then given plasters and are used to help alleviate fear of medical procedures.

“What started out as just a little idea has become a thoughtful monthly assignment for the group. They add a personal touch by bagging them up and hand delivering their work. They’ve received lots of positive feedback from medical staff,” Judy said.

Bupa Erin Park Retirement Village resident, Vera Bailey, says the kitting gives them something to do and a goal to reach each month.

“These little teddy bears brighten up an experience that can be scary for kids. We’ve been told by doctors that it makes their jobs a little easier too,” Vera says with a smile.