Kids Helpline and Bupa launch new parenting podcast Mumbles

Bupa has teamed up with Kids Helpline to create Mumbles, a podcast where parents support parents to raise happy, healthy kids.

Hosted by bloggers Rebel and Chantelle, aka Rebel Without a Pause and Fat Mum Slim, the podcast will cover challenging topics that affect many families, such as supporting a child through anxiety, social media use and ADHD.

Each episode features a real-life story from a parent, with Kids Helpline counsellor Leo providing expert insight and advice.

Find Mumbles, and more resources for connecting families here. Or search Mumbles in your favourite podcast platform.

14th Jan - Episode One: The impact of bullying

Bullying is awful, no matter what the circumstances. So, what happens when it goes so far that your child has to move schools? Renee shares her heartfelt story in our very first episode.

21st Jan - Episode Two: Struggles with everyday anxiety

What’s it really like dealing with anxiety at a young age? Debbie shares how she responded to her daughter’s fears and helped her to move to a place of feeling more confident and in control.

29th Jan - Episode Three: Social anxiety and withdrawal

Starting high school can be a stressful time, especially for young people struggling with anxiety. Rachel shares her story of how she has supported her daughter through social situations, and helped her build better coping strategies.

4th Feb - Episode Four: Family life with ADHD

What’s it like to have multiple children with ADHD? Ruth shares how she supports her three boys, who all have various types of ADHD. It’s a wonderful story of understanding, adapting and growing together.

11th Feb - Episode Five: Teens and social media

How do you support teens who have a history of trauma and an addiction to their smartphones? Carlie shares her deeply personal story that’s highly relatable in today’s tech-savvy world.

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