New landmarks for digital messaging


Over 400,000 customers have interacted with Bupa’s digital chat platforms since web messaging was first introduced in 2015. This milestone has been recorded amidst a period of acceleration in consumer take-up in digital communications driven by social distancing practices.

What began as a simple website chat tool overseen by just four Bupa team members has since grown to a team of 30 who now manage digital growth and service customers across Apple Business Chat, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), WhatsApp and 2Way SMS.

These tools give busy customers the ability to communicate with a real person wherever they choose and enjoy the same level of expertise and options they would receive over the phone or in-store.

Nicholas Blatt, Bupa’s General Manager of Digital & Enterprise Growth said Bupa’s web messaging services have grown from strength to strength over the past five years with COVID-19 driving further acceleration.

“With so many Australians working from home, more people have chosen to take advantage of the flexibility of digital messaging which enables them to avoid commute times to retail stores or potentially waiting on-hold when calling our contact-centre.

“The ability to do other things like work or tend to household duties while engaging with our chat consultants is certainly being appreciated at this time,” Mr Blatt said.

When social distancing regulations were in place across Australia in March 2020, Bupa broke its monthly record for chat sessions with 12,600 taking place. Today Bupa’s customer service chat team is having close to 1,000 conversations per day.

“Beyond health insurance, we are now also offering general insurance and aged care customers the ability to interact via webchat messaging.

“Looking forward we’re exploring how we can leverage tools like Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa which will mean customers can purchase a policy or have their enquiry resolved without having to pick up their device,” Mr Blatt said.

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