Proving it's the little moments that matter

It's not the big gestures that count the most, it's the everyday things we do with our families and loved ones that make the difference.

Health and care company Bupa has launched a new campaign focused on driving family interaction and they clearly believe to deliver big, you need to act small.

Bupa Australia's Chief Marketing Officer, Jane Power, said the Little Moments Matter campaign aims to improve the health and wellbeing of Australian families by giving families simple suggestions on how to improve family connections and in turn facilitate one million moments of family connection.

“Our research shows that almost half of all parents were worried they don't spend enough quality time with their kids and that parents care most about the emotional wellbeing of their kids,” Ms Power said.

“Studies also tells us though that we shouldn't put added pressure on ourselves as parents to find more time to plan bigger gestures. In contrast, we should be making the most of the little everyday moments we already have together as a family to connect, talk and laugh; these are some of the best ways to nurture family connection and wellbeing.

“Our Little Moments Matter campaign is a three-year program of work which supports our ambition to make a difference to families by facilitating one million moments of family connection.

“This is an ambitious target, but we've got some exciting activity planned over the coming months that will enable Bupa to guide, support and inspire families to understand the value of little moments and help them to connect, while also helping us build emotional connections with customers, drive brand love, and consideration of our products and services,” Ms Power said.

The first of these is the Bupa Family Challenge, an eight-week program designed for busy families which provides a new challenge each week that will help you turn the little moments of family chaos into opportunities to talk, connect and improve your family’s health and wellbeing.

View our campaign video here.