Raising awareness of Men's Health

Bupa wants men of all ages to look after their physical and mental health. That's why we support Men's Health Week.

By Penny Davis
Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Adviser

In Australia, a baby girl born in 2010 can expect to live to 82 years, yet a baby boy born at the same time is expected to live to 78 years.

Men are more likely to have accidents, develop cancer, or die of heart disease. They also take their own lives at three times the rate of women.

This needs to change.

That's why Bupa supported this week's launch of Men's Health Week 2017

This is a global event, led locally by Western Sydney University, community groups and all levels of government.

It aims to raise awareness of the need for men of all ages to look after their physical and mental health.

Rebecca Cross, Bupa's Head of Government, Policy & Regulatory Affairs, spoke at the launch event held at Parliament House in Canberra, along with the patron of Men's Health Week, His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove, plus Federal Minister for Health Greg Hunt and Shadow Minister for Health Catherine King.

His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove
There's a 'she'll be right attitude', a reluctance to go the doctor, to get tests done, to ask for help. Any kind of illness, physical or mental is so often, and so wrongly, seen as a sign of weakness.
His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove

Bupa is working to support men of all ages to get active and stay connected

When it comes to preventative health, our research shows that our male customers are less likely to schedule regular checkups with their GP, visit the dentist regularly or use fitness trackers.

And they're more likely to experience a serious health episode that requires a specialist or hospitalisation.

Bupa has a role to play in improving health outcomes, and we recognise the importance of a healthy mind and social inclusion in addressing our health challenges as a nation.

This commitment has seen us establish men's sheds in our aged care homes, to better connect our residents through friendship and inclusion.

We're also a long-term supporter of Santos Tour Down Under cycling events because we see the value of families connecting and getting active together.

That's why the Men's Health Week 2017 theme of 'Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds' resonates so strongly with Bupa.

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or 000 if life is in danger (Australia only).