Statement on Bupa Global data breach - Australian customers

This matter does not relate to Bupa’s Australian Health Insurance business and the four million customers we support in this country.

It relates to Bupa’s international health insurance division, ‘Bupa Global’.

Bupa Global is the division of Bupa which handles international health insurance mainly for customers who work overseas or travel on a regular basis.

It is important to point out that this was not a cyber attack or external data breach.

It was deliberate act by an employee in the UK who had no access to customer data for the Bupa Australia Health Insurance business, which is kept on separate systems.

The data does not include financial or medical data, however our Bupa Global team ( based in the UK) is taking this incident very seriously and has been contacting affected international health insurance customers.

We encourage anyone who is concerned to visit www.bupa.com/bupaglobalcustomerupdate where more information is available.

Worldwide, 547,000 Bupa Global private health insurance customers are affected. Bupa Global has 1.4 million international health customers in total.

Of these, we believe approximately 19,595 are Australian Bupa Global customers, who we are contacting.