Tap fast and claim quick with iPhone and Apple Watch


Customers can now tap to claim by adding their Bupa digital membership card to Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch.

Bupa customers can now access their health insurance membership cards in Apple Wallet, allowing them to make a claim by simply holding their iPhone or Apple Watch near any HICAPS terminal in Australia.

Creating a true digital wallet experience, customers can also pay for gap payments simply and securely using Apple Pay.

Emily Amos, Managing Director Bupa Health Insurance, said the new card was introduced in response to high demand from customers, who were increasingly using tap payments on their devices.

“We know our customers are using their phones and smartwatches to buy groceries, tap on to public transport and pay for their morning coffees, so it’s no surprise that they now expect to be able to make their Bupa claims with a quick tap of their device,” Ms Amos said.

“We’re always looking to enhance our products and services so they are both good for our customers and good for our planet. With Bupa digital membership cards now available in Apple Wallet, we’re pleased to be reducing the amount of paper and plastic used in the claiming process, while also providing a secure way to make a claim and pay” she added.

Ms Amos said Bupa expects hundreds of thousands of customers will be able to benefit from the new digital card.

“Now more than ever we want to make health insurance simple to use and relevant for our customers. Keeping up with trends in technology and customer experiences is a core part of that.

“New customers can choose to opt out of a physical card and take up the digital option during the sign up process while existing customers can upgrade to a digital card using the MyBupa App. Our teams will be available in our stores, on the phone or online to help with any customer questions.

“For new customers, it also means that once they sign up, they won’t need to wait for a physical card in the mail. From the moment they are a Bupa member, they are ready to tap and claim,” Ms Amos said.

Customers can add their health insurance membership card to Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch using the MyBupa app. 

Security and privacy are at the core of Apple Wallet. When customers add a health insurance membership card to Apple Wallet, the customer identifier number is encrypted during transmission to the terminal and is then only decrypted by HICAPS and then passed on to the customer’s health insurer. Apple doesn’t receive any information about the health insurance claim as there is a direct, encrypted connection between the user’s device and the HICAPS terminal.

To sign up to a Bupa digital card or to learn more, visit our website.

Bupa customers using Android phones can also switch to a Bupa digital membership card using MyBupa.