The power of music: Melbourne Vixens reveal secret to high performance energy

Melbourne Vixens netballers have revealed one of their secrets to success – a carefully curated playlist. They say the right music can have a powerful impact on energy, motivation, anxiety and performance, and researchers agree. Find the Vixens’ favourite playlists here.

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We all know that music can help people feel relaxed or energised, but can it really make a genuine difference to athletic performance?

According to the Melbourne Vixens netball team music plays a powerful role in the players’ mental preparation ahead of a game and during training, acting as a push factor against the feelings of anxiety and nervousness and boosting the team’s energy levels.

“Before our court sessions and in the gym, we have the music playing in the background, to get everyone in the mood to really work hard,” team captain Kate Moloney said.

Studies looking at the effect of music on athletic performance have indicated that those who listen to music during exercise often have enhanced output.

Boxers reported improved quality and intensity of training, martial artists performed better in karate drills and runners were found to have improved endurance on a treadmill.

Bupa's Psychological Health and Safety Specialist, Emily Meates, says the benefits of listening to music while exercising don't stop there.

“As well as performance improvement, research has indicated that listening to music in training or preparation for competition can influence our emotional state and physiological arousal," she said.

"It can encourage a more positive mood, act as both a stimulant to “psych ourselves up”, a sedative to “calm down” and, depending on the intensity of exercise, may also lower perception of effort - meaning we may find it more enjoyable.”

Kate Moloney says the team have carefully selected playlists with different songs for different purposes, with teammate Emily Mannix often taking the lead.

“Music is something that can bring people together. Quite often your music taste reflects your personality and it can be a real talking point between teammates.”

“We all have such different tastes, so it’s really nice to get to know each other a little bit better and find out what motivates everyone.”

You can access the Vixens’ favourite playlists on spotify here.


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