Video calling here to stay for Taupo resident and family

When Bupa Liston Heights Care Home resident Nola Payne gets to see her family and the view of the Auckland Harbour from the screen of her laptop, her face lights up.

Nola’s son Warren, who lives in Auckland, makes the regular video calls to his mother and shows her the sights from his home. Facilitated by Registered Nurse Amanda (Mandy) Ward, the video calls have proven to be an excellent new way of communicating for the family.

“We started video calls during lockdown with mum and they’ve been a lot more successful than a phone call so we’ve kept doing them. I’d contact Mandy on the Friday and set the video call up for the Sunday. They’ve given us an opportunity to expand mum’s world by bringing her into ours through technology,” Warren said.

Nola has been a resident of the care home for more than two years and has family just next door with her sister June in the Bupa retirement village attached. Warren also praised Mandy and the care home team for their expert care of his mother and their timely communication to the family.

“Having someone like Mandy there as our point of contact is so reassuring. We know mum is well cared for and is genuinely content there. Seeing her smile on screen really makes my day.”