Weekend Sunrise: The magic of Meccano

Meccano master, Garth Spurdle and Margaret Ryan, Bupa's Head of Dementia Services' share how the Bupa Model of Care helps residents use experiences from their past to bring back memories.

Strips, plates, angle girders, wheels, nuts and bolts are just some of the things that have connected master Meccano maker Garth Spurdle to the residents of Bupa Aged Care Bankstown.

The 74 year old who visited the home with his collection of mechanical masterpieces got his first set in 1950 when he was seven and has been spending money on it and sharing his wisdom with others ever since.

Garth and Margaret Ryan, Bupa's Head of Dentenia Services' went on the Weekend Sunrise show and discussed how Meccano is helping people with dementia.

Margaret says the people in the aged care home have stories that connect to Meccano and Garth mentions there was a great interest from the age care home residents.

Garth says Meccano is a museum piece says he enjoys making his own parts and restoring old ones.

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