Working in Dementia Care Home increases interest in nursing


With Leslie Rose Rutor’s hospital nursing in Philippines and Anit Sebastian’s nursing background in India, both Rossendale Care Home Registered Nurses have adapted to aged care and increased their interest in nursing .

Anit (36) says over her eight years at Rossendale in Hamilton, she has developed her understanding of residents under psychogeriatric care and the ways she supports them

“If a resident becomes agitated, I now understand what might have triggered the behaviour and feel more confident in dealing with certain situations.”

Recent positive changes at Rossendale Care Home have been welcomed by the two nurses as the focus is directly on the residents.

Leslie Rose (29) has been working at Rossendale for more than two years and says she regularly sees flashes of lucidity in her residents when memories suddenly come back to them.

“We have a few residents who were Registered Nurses. When we talk about medicals or medications it can trigger flashbacks for them. We can then have a regular and coherent conversation about nursing with them which is quite amazing actually.”

The nurses also acknowledge the vital support they receive from their caregiving team around them.

“Without caregivers we cannot finish a single shift. Good teamwork, commitment and open communication is so important,” says Leslie Rose.

On International Nurses Day 2021, both nurses agree a simple thank you or smile from a resident or their family member makes the job fulfilling as they work in the only psychogeriatric care home in the Waikato region.