31 March - Bupa New Zealand statement on COVID-19

31 March - A statement from Carolyn Cooper - Managing Director Bupa Villages and Aged Care New Zealand.

We have been notified by Public Health in New Zealand that a further two residents, who are in isolation in the dementia community at Gladys Mary Care Home, have tested positive for COVID-19. This is in addition to our resident who was confirmed positive last week.

These two residents are displaying mild symptoms and, under the guidance of Public Health, remain isolated in our dementia community at Gladys Mary Care Home.

Our staff continue to follow the strict infection, prevention and control measures that were swiftly put in place at the time of our first resident being tested for COVID-19 including use of personal protective equipment, additional cleaning and hygiene measures.

We are supporting the impacted residents and their families, and we will continue to work with Public Health.

We thank all residents’ families as we comply with Ministry of Health requirements to restrict visitors’ access to our Care Homes. We understand this is challenging for families and we ask for everyone’s patience and understanding with this precautionary and preventative measure.

The health and wellbeing of the residents at this care home, their families and our staff remains our absolute priority. Public Health will also continue their tracking and testing processes and they have our full cooperation.

We thank everyone for their ongoing support, patience and understanding during this time, particularly our team at Gladys Mary who are dedicated and committed to caring for our residents.