Aged Care News and Stories

Inside the mind of every resident in our aged care homes, there is a library full of stories; history, knowledge, wisdom and experiences. 

There are supercentenarians who hold the secret to living to 110 years old, married couples who have loved and supported each other for more than 7 decades, former footballers, jockeys, ANZACs, champion surfers, you name it. There is no shortage of inspirational and moving aged care stories. 

Many have lost their life partners, but some have been lucky enough to find new love in aged care. Others have lost their memories, but find they come flooding back through the power of art, music or animal therapy.

Bupa provides care for almost 7000 Australians in more than 70 aged care homes. We also provide residential care to almost 5000 New Zealanders in 33 retirement villages and 48 care homes.

Here you will find their stories, get to meet their carers, and learn about other news from Bupa Aged Care

Aged Care Stories and News