Celebrating 100 years of memories at Bupa Glenburn Care Home

As Cynthia (Sally) Smalley celebrated her 100th birthday in Bupa Glenburn Care Home, she shared her vivid memories of her time in India with her husband. 











Sally reminisced about her time spent in India with her husband, relocating from the United Kingdom after the war. She became a student nurse while her husband ran a paddle steamer company for a number of years.

“From about 12 years of age, I always wanted to be a nurse and help people so I was grateful to support those in need. I remember how marvelous the Indian people were that I met. They were wonderful cooks and very clever students,” Mrs Smalley said.

In 1964, India and Pakistan were at war which resulted in Sally and her husband moving to New Zealand where they had extended family.

“We had to start life all over again in New Zealand. This came with its own challenges but we faced it together,” Mrs Smalley said.

After living in New Lynn for a number of years, Sally moved into the Bupa Glenburn Care Home three years ago.

“I think of my life as very fortunate because I see it as I have been lucky enough to have lived in the golden years. My advice is not to let things worry you in life,” Ms Smalley added.

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