Aged Care Updates


At Bupa, we’re dedicated to continuously improving the quality of care and standards of living for our aged care residents.

All of our aged care homes are fully accredited. Those homes that previously had compliance issues have been re-accredited.

We are pleased that we currently have no homes operating under sanction. But we must not be complacent and we will continue to work closely with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission to ensure that we maintain the highest levels of care.

We are actively listening to residents and their families and acting on their feedback. We have invested millions of dollars to provide better care for our residents, including:

  1. Stronger clinical oversight.
  2. Improved staff training.
  3. Enhanced internal auditing.
  4. A new management structure with better support for the General Managers of our homes.
  5. Revamping our compliance management processes to ensure customer feedback is captured, acknowledged and actioned.
  6. Improving the food experience in our homes by providing greater choices.
  7. Increasing the communication between homes, residents and relatives.

Fixing some of these issues has taken time, but we’re pleased at the progress we have made.

In the past 18 months, we have appointed 13 new Regional Managers to support our General Managers and their frontline teams. We have also hired a new National Food Services Manager and had 10 per cent of our care home chefs participate in the Maggie Beer Foundation’s Creating an Appetite for Life Masterclass.

We have made it easier for those with loved ones in our care homes to stay in touch. Residents are using new iPads in the homes to make video calls and we have launched a dedicated aged care app and private Facebook groups.

In addition to our planned staff training programs, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we have re-trained thousands of care staff on infection control hygiene practices. We’ve also continued to complete our own internal audits throughout the pandemic to ensure we are not letting our standards drop, and we are supporting our care home employees and residents through this challenging time.

Bupa cares for more than 6,000 residents, and we have 9,000 dedicated employees who come to work every day wanting to make a difference. Our employees genuinely care for the residents in their care. We are conscious that our residents don’t live in our workplace, rather our employees work in our residents’ home.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have worked hard to protect our residents and employees from the risk of infection. You can find out more about our COVID-19 response here.