Meet Jason: Bupa Optical Hobart general manager

Bupa Optical Hobart's General Manager Jason McGregor shares why he's passionate about his role and what he loves about his customers. 


Jason McGregor has given his all to customers at Bupa Optical Hobart for more than 10 years. 

"About 25 years ago, I bought a set of outrageous specs from a lady and I thought to myself 'I'd be brilliant at this'," he says.

"Working in front line service has given me the ability to interact with so many different kinds of humans. A lot of the time, people just want someone to listen to them."

I’ve been in Hobart most of my life and it has an overgrown country town feel, so if you do something right then the word travels quite quickly. There's nothing I love more than sending someone out the door feeling good about their choice in frames.
Jason, Manager, Bupa Optical Hobart.

The store manager was recently nominated by his colleague Elise Wilson for an Everyday Hero Award, a staff recognition program run by Bupa.

"Jase has an incredible memory - he can remember almost every customer’s first and second name from years back. Due to Jase’s amazing memory everybody always feels like family," she said.

"Walking around Hobart with Jase is like walking around town with a celebrity. Jase has built an incredibly strong rapport with customers, so much so that they return just to see him and seek his opinion, often stopping him on the street. Jason makes everyone from all walks of life feel comfortable and accepted.

"Jason is passionate about providing high quality care and delivering the best results possible at Bupa Optical Hobart. He always looks after his staff members and deeply cares for our overall wellbeing. He makes sure that staff are well-fed and often brings in homemade goodies, and if one member is unwell Jase may even make them chicken soup.

"Jason is truly the living embodiment of all of the Bupa values. He is incredibly caring and puts others before himself time and time again in his professional and personal life. I really hope that Jason can be recognised as the Everyday hero because he is an everyday hero to many people."

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