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I lost my dominant arm in a motorbike accident when I was only 17 years old. I’m now a very happily married man and father to Olly, our extremely cute son. Aside from running a side business, being a one armed gamer and vlogging on YouTube, I also work at Bupa.

I like being involved in the medical claims space because I do have a disability and was a heavy user of medical claims back in NZ when I had my injury. Our customers are going through all sorts of chaos with their health conditions and I like the fact that I can help the customer behind the scenes without them ever knowing I’ve been involved in their experience. I am very passionate because of the natural link I have to nearly three decades of living with a disability.

I don’t make much of a deal that I now ride a scooter again. I have clocked up nearly 9000 kilometers and it's hilarious that I can often lip read the words 'THAT GUY HAS ONE ARM' in the split second glance I’ve taken riding past someone.
Robbie, Quality Specialist, Customer Service Operations in Brisbane.

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