Bupa calls for aged care funding overhaul

Bupa Australia and New Zealand chief, Richard Bowden, says Australia must try and avoid what's happened to aged care funding in the UK.

Bupa's call for a new market-driven funding system in aged care has been featured in The Australian following the health insurer's submissions to two government reviews into aged care.

Bupa ANZ CEO, Richard Bowden, used his experience in the UK to highlight the urgent need to reform funding for aged care in Australia.

The article refers to Bupa's preference for a funding system where people who can afford it contribute to the cost of their care, while those who can't continue to be heavily subsidised.

Mr Bowden this will help ensure the sustainability of the sector.

Mr Bowden used the example of cuts to the UK aged care system to demonstrate the importance of reviewing funding so Bupa can care for older Australians in the best possible way.

"You want people getting the very best care in the very best setting, and sometimes that's at home, sometimes in a care home, sometimes that's in hospital and that's the way you have to think about it."

You can read the full article here.