Bupa welcomes Taskforce recommendations


We welcome the recommendations made in the Aged Care Taskforce’s Report, which aims to establish a fair and sensible roadmap for the future sustainability of aged care in Australia.  

If implemented, the recommendations will encourage overdue investment in building the capacity needed to meet the needs and expectations of future generations. Importantly, the Report also lays the foundations for a fair funding model with less reliance on taxpayers. Currently, Australian taxpayers contribute to 75% of aged care spending according to the Report, by way of comparison, this is more than the 61% covered by taxpayers in, the UK1.  

Longer term, the transition away from Refundable Accommodation Deposits (RAD) to a rental-style approach that we see in other countries will make the system easier to navigate. The Taskforce also recognises the higher cost of care in regional Australia.

These recommendations balance the needs of all Australians by providing options for those that are willing to pay more, while also providing a safety net for those on lower incomes. This also encourages providers to create new everyday living and lifestyle options that older people want and are willing to pay for. 

These are bold changes that will require bipartisan support. We look forward to working with the Government and all stakeholders to implement these important changes.