Commitment to getting things right in aged care


Bupa Australia and New Zealand CEO Hisham El-Ansary responds to questions about past issues in Bupa’s aged care homes. Watch the video.

Bupa’s CEO Hisham El-Ansary has spoken about past failings in Bupa’s aged care business, acknowledging that where we haven’t met the required standards in some of our homes, we’re deeply sorry and are committed to making the necessary improvements to put things right.

“Since taking over the role of CEO earlier this year, I have made it my number one priority to get the quality of care right in our aged care business for each one of our 6500 residents," he said.

Hisham El-Ansary, CEO Bupa Australia & New Zealand
“We don’t always get things right, and we are absolutely committed to ensuring we address those areas to fix the problems.
Hisham El-Ansary, CEO Bupa Australia & New Zealand

“A number of changes have been made, including hiring a new Managing Director of Aged Care, increasing the number of people that we have focussed on quality care, clinical services and training, as well as auditing of all of our homes in a similar manner to the external regulator.

“Overwhelmingly, the aged care sector delivers a great service for the vast majority of people. Sometimes we don’t always get that right. And where we don’t get it right, I can assure you that we are absolutely committed to addressing those problems as effectively and quickly as we can. People should be confident that in the vast majority of case we deliver a great service to their loved ones.

“We have nine homes that are sanctioned by the regulator and three of those homes have already passed their auditing process and we've got applications to remove sanctions from those. So, I expect in the near term that we'll have six homes under sanction, which is still six too many and it's my expectation and my ambition that we will have all of our homes operating effectively the end of this year.”