Government funded dental treatments now available to more Australian children


Bupa Dental has welcomed the ability to provide free dental services to more eligible children aged 0-18 years following the Federal Government’s expansion of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule [1].

Until this point, only eligible children aged between 2-18 years old could access coverage[2].  The Schedule’s expansion comes amidst new data that outlines the need for urgent attention to improve the oral health of all Australians[3].

Bupa Dental’s Clinical Director, Dr Kavita Lobo said this was an important initiative for making dental care accessible and affordable for more Australian children from a younger age.

“I commend the Government for being proactive on the vital issue of oral health. By including children ages 0-2 in the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, we can help babies and toddlers get the best start in life.

“Scheduling check-ups from an early age not only addresses emerging tooth, gum and mouth issues but can also eliminate the negative stigma around ‘scary dentists’ which still exists for many children,” said Dr Lobo.

Along with brushing twice a day and maintaining a healthy diet, regular appointments with your friendly local dentist are an important part of maintaining a child’s oral health which is closely associated with their general health.

Around 3 million children currently benefit from the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), which provides up to $1,013 (over a two calendar year period) for eligible children[3] to access basic dental services such as examinations, x-rays, cleaning, fillings and extractions[4]. CDBS can be accessed through private dental providers such as Bupa.

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[3] Your child may be eligible for the CDBS if they are eligible for Medicare or are under 18 years old or if you or your child receive an eligible payment from Services Australia at least once that year.

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