Improvements to aged care at Bupa


Bupa’s Managing Director of Aged Care, Suzanne Dvorak, responds to questions about Bupa’s aged care business.

Bupa acknowledges that there have been past failings in some of its aged care homes.

Bupa is committed to ensuring that past mistakes don’t happen again and is currently rolling out a range of major improvements to its aged care business.

One of the first changes was appointing a new Managing Director of Aged Care for Australia, Suzanne Dvorak.

We sat down with Suzanne to hear about her first few months at Bupa and what she has been focusing on to help return all of Bupa’s aged care homes to full compliance.

Suzanne Dvorak, MD Bupa Aged Care Australia
We’ve been making solid progress towards improvement, with the number of Bupa nursing homes that have been sanctioned reducing. Obviously, we don’t want any of our homes to be under sanction, but this is a good sign that we’re on the right track. 
Suzanne Dvorak, MD Bupa Aged Care Australia

“We’re also making sure that the right levels of senior management are in place, with new experienced General Managers and Clinical Care Managers joining our team. We’ve rolled out training for those who have been working with us for some time to ensure that we have the best level of clinical care for those living in our nursing homes.

“Additionally, there’s been a range of improvements introduced, including increasing staff numbers and reintroducing self-auditing. There has also been a lot of work around reviewing and improving food and nutrition options for those who live in Bupa’s nursing homes.

“Our team are doing everything possible to care for the residents who choose to call Bupa their home. Every day, those who work in our aged care homes come to work to do a good job. The team prides themselves on doing the best job that they can do.

“I think that we have absolutely acknowledged our faults in this, and we have said sorry to those relatives and to those residents who live with us.”