Seven News: Technology used for elite athletes is now aiding stroke patients in their rehabilitation

The Dynavision D2 machine has helped Bupa Therapy patient, David Richardson, get back to work and hopefully soon return to driving.

As Seven News reports, the technology, which was initially designed for elite athletes and later modified for medical use, has become available in Victoria for the first time at the new Bupa Therapy centre in West Melbourne.

David has been visiting Bupa Therapy on a fortnightly basis after a stroke on Cup Day last year.

Along with speech pathology, David began seeing occupational therapist Jacelyn Goh to help with his rehab and recovery, and to work on his goals to get back to work and to drive again.

As part of his therapy, he has been using the Dynavision D2 machine, the only one in the state of Victoria.

Jacelyn says it can help improve attention span, cognitive abilities, eye-hand coordination, and visual perceptual skills, for people with acquired brain injuries.

After just 12 weeks of therapy, David has been able to return to his carpentry business on a part time basis and is looking forward to getting back behind the wheel.


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