Age is no handicap for 95yo golfer Bill Maiden


A determined 95 year old golfer from NSW has had a remarkable return to the green after breaking his leg on four separate occasions. He says it wouldn't have been possible without regular physio and a caring team at Bupa Aged Care.

Golf could be the secret recipe to a long and healthy life, if Bill Maiden from Bupa Aged Care in Bateau Bay is anything to go by.

"I go to physio three days a week because I’m keen to get back on the green. I am too far behind at the moment if you get what I mean? When you reach my age, you have to put everything else aside and focus on achieving something,” Mr Maiden said.

The 95 year old celebrated 18 months of physiotherapy with a putting session at the Breakers Country Club.

“My putt is pretty rough because I haven’t played in such a long time. I broke my leg four times and the doctor said that the rest would be up to me so I’m working hard in physio sessions so I can play golf again.

"The people who train me are doing everything they can to get me back on the course so I'm feeling optimistic about things,” he said.

Bill's story was covered on NBN News, WATCH the video here. 

Despite taking a few steps forward on the green last week, he feels as though time is catching up with him. A pair of dodgy knees and a leg that has been broken multiple times mean that he needs a little help from the Club’s golf pro.

"I can't really walk, which is a bugbear of mine because if you can't walk, you can't play golf. Nicky recently helped me get back to putting and I know it’ll take some time but I’ll play a full game one day or die trying.”

“When I go to physio, I am doing the same exercises that 19 year olds are doing so I may be old but still feel capable. I keep my clubs and irons in the corner of my room as a way of staying motivated.”

Bupa Bateau Bay’s General Manager Susan McLennan said they wanted to help Bill reach a mobility milestone by encouraging and supporting his dreams of playing golf again.

"Bill is living proof that the sport can be played by both young and old. It also demonstrates a wide variety of health benefits for people of all ages," Ms McLennan said.

“Our Recreational Activities Officer, Zac Rowling and I took Bill to the Club last week. It was the first time he had been anywhere near a golf course in more than a year and we thought he was overdue for a visit despite not feeling physically ready to hit the green yet.

“BiIl’s love for the game ties into a Swedish study I recently read about which found people who play golf lived an average of five years longer than non golfers.

“It’s so important for us as carers at Bupa Bateau Bay to celebrate the lives and achievements of our residents and to support and shine the spotlight on what makes them so unique,” she said.

Nicky Henderson from the Breakers Country Club Pro Shop said she donated a lesson and would donate more to Bill because of his tenacious approach to the game.

“I admire Bill’s dedication to keeping active, socialising and staying mentally alert through golf,” Ms Henderson said. “Granted he hasn’t played properly in a long time, he has been going to physiotherapy three times a week just so he can get back to doing what he loves,” she said.