Golf keeps Bupa Eden residents healthy and in the swing of things

According to a recent study that appeared in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, playing golf could do wonders for older people's strength and balance. At Bupa Eden it's doing just that.

Mick Rebbett, a resident at Bupa Aged Care in Eden echoes the findings and said that although he never considered himself a golfer, he now enjoys hitting the green at the home’s weekly golf tournament.

"I’ve learnt that you're never too old to play mini golf, even from a wheelchair. The home hosts a weekly tournament and it’s great because the staff make sure that everyone in the home has a go,” Mr Rebbet said.

Some people can hardly stand up but the carers and nurses help by holding them up while they are putting.
Mick Rebbett, a resident at Bupa Aged Care in Eden

Compared with other sports, the risk of injury is low, and the 85 year old said he and others in the home are happy because it gets them out and about.

“Prior to moving into the home, I had never played golf but Tammie, Stef and other staff encouraged me and taught me how to play. I’ve since won the trophy three times,” Mr Rebbet said.

“What I love about the weekly golf competition is that you get to socialise and whoever wins the championship has to defend it the following week.

“It is a friendly competition between everyone, triggers a bit of rivalry and gives us something to look forward to,” he said.

The study also found golf contributes to better mental health outcomes and an activity that Personal Care Assistant, Tammie Grimes said has helped to improve wellbeing of people in the home, including those with ailments.

“Our mini golf competition is great because it is versatile and simple, so residents with a variety of abilities can enjoy it. When they sit down to take a break, they can still enjoy watching the others play,” Ms Grimes said.

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