Nine News: A revolutionary robot is teaching Victorians with severe spinal and brain injuries how to walk again

Nine News reports, the first robotic gait trainer in Australian is helping Bupa Therapy patient, Nicole Skermer walk again with her goal of getting back on her feet by Christmas.

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After a fall that led to a haemorrhage on her brain, Nicole hasn’t been able to walk for four years and before that suffered a series of health complications including three brain tumours.

Nicole has been visiting Bupa Therapy for just under a month now with the assistance of Neuro Physiotherapist, Vicky Cook to help retrain her brain to walk again.

Vicky has been working with Nicole on the robotic gait machine which helps Nicole move and take more steps than she could if she was using other equipment such as a treadmill.

“With the harness and robotic features of the device we can get those repetitions happening and the intensity that’s needed to actually change the brain to heal itself,” says Vicky.

Bupa Therapy is the only place in Australia that has this new device that can be used on patients suffering a range of disabilities including spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, brain injuries and cerebral palsy.


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