Twin sisters turn 100


Twin sisters Concie Marshall & Leila Moag have made it to their 100th birthdays side by side, both still sharp, witty and surrounded by love. They share their secret to longevity, and it’s not something you would ever guess.

It’s a remarkable feat making it to 100 years old in good health, even more so when you can celebrate the momentous occasion with a twin.

Twins Concie Marshall and Leila Moag were interviewed on their 100th birthday by reporter Jared Constable from WIN News.

“You’re not a bad lookin’ fella!” Concie remarked with a twinkle in her eye.

They’ve rarely lived more than 100 yards from each other and are still as close as ever, both now cared for at the same Bupa Aged Care home in New South Wales.

The closeness of their bond is enough to bring Leila’s daughter Barbara Stent to tears.

“It’s incredible. I’ll cry… They’re lovely. Very special,” she said.

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Twins turn 100 on WIN News

But as sisters do they still bicker occasionally, this morning it was about what they were going to wear for their big day.

“They have a few fights like siblings do,” said Concie’s daughter Rhonda Birch.

“Mum said they had a fight this morning because they both wanted to wear the same pair of pants, but otherwise they’re very good,” she said.

Wardrobe is often a point of contention between the two. Looking the same and living together, you’d be silly not to share, right?

“They look like my beads,” Concie realised, looking at her sister. “They are too! I haven’t seen them for a long time!”

The Bupa Aged Care home’s general manager Michelle Murphy asked them what their secret was to a long and healthy life.

“I did ask them what the secret to longevity was, they did tell me it was mashed potato sandwiches. So that’s new on the menu,” she says with a chuckle.

They marked the occasion with a single candle on each cake to mark a single, remarkable centenary.

From all at Bupa, Happy 100th Birthday Concie and Leila!

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